Tricky Disco on Arduino

Myself playing tricky disco on an Arduino. I wired four buttons to a buzzer, each button mapped to a different frequency.

Haskell Labyrinth Generator

A labyrinth generator written in Haskell. Had to get some help from my friend Tilo Wiklund, as I had some trouble wrapping my head around the Rand monad back in my early days of Haskell. UI rendered with OpenGL.

Scrolling Text LED Panel

The yo dawg meme scrolling on a LED matrix. Developed with my friend Alejandro Fernandez at uni.

3D Shooter Game

A little 3D shooter developed at uni.

Bubble Bobble Clone

A little 2D game inspired by Bubble Bobble, also developed at uni.

Coffee Dance Break

Dance break at the office. 3D reconstructed, of course!

Break time at the office from GuerrillaMonkey on Vimeo.