Random posts on different topics. This is the blog-ish section of my site.

Reconstructing Position from Linear Depth

Discusses two different methods to reconstruct the 3D position of a pixel from a linear depth buffer.

The Skyquad

Rendering skyboxes in OpenGL with a single quad.

Calc: a simple Haskell eDSL

An introductory tutorial to eDSL design and compilation in Haskell.

An Introduction to Monads for C++ Programmers

An introductory tutorial on monads for C++ programmers. No previous exposure to Haskell assumed.

Modeling game objects in Haskell

A little tutorial explaining one way of modeling game objects in Haskell. The article was never published, however, as I was accused of reinventing an object system in Haskell.

Android NDK Adventures

Quick tutorial / reference guide on C++ programming for Android.

Assimp on Android

Information regarding Assimp on Android.

27 Card Trick

Understanding the 27 card trick.