Computer Graphics

Photon mapping implementation developed during Stanford's CS 148.

GPU-based path-tracing.

Geo-mipmapping implementation.

Procedural raymarching.

Procedural texturing.

Screen-space ambient occlusion.

Kd-tree and Octree implementations, together with a custom visualizer.

An implementation of free-form deformation (FFD).

Particle-based physics.

A voxel engine written in Haskell.

Volume rendering.

Relief mapping.

Animation system with collision avoidance.

3D Modeling & Animation

3D modeling of a low-poly, stylized character in Blender. Character from PIXXO 3D's tutorial. Learned rigging and animation from others and gave the character a defiant, but carefree personality. Total 1 week of work from the first vertex to the animated gifs.


3D Shooter Game

A 3D shooter written in C++ featuring a custom rendering engine built on OpenGL for graphics and DevIL for image loading. Everything else, from the math utility library to the loading and rendering of MD2 models, appears to have been written from scratch.

Bubble Bobble Clone

A 2D game inspired by Bubble Bobble and developed with a classmate. The most notable feature is perhaps the player's ability to time-travel and the graphics effect that acompanies the animation, together with the smooth transitions between levels.

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