> You are greeted by a rather welcoming message as you set your digital foot into the entrance of the About portal:

Welcome to ShellBlade, a personal site dedicated to computers, programming, hacking, and technology.

About Me

> Upon further inspection, you find a note with what appears to be a short biography from the system's creator:

I am a software developer with an inclination towards computer graphics, systems programming and functional programming. I also do a little hacking here and there. Recent developments have made me more conscious and concerned about privacy, surveillance, and how the technology we develop affects people's freedom. I am consequently attuned to the values of free/libre software, and promote its use to everyone I know. On another front, I also love fitness, and I am a group exercise instructor at the YMCA, where I teach BODYATTACK. Occasionally, you will also see me dancing Melbourne shuffle.

> Next to the note is a file of tabular data. Stretching your command-line skills, you manage to format the file so that you can make sense of it. It almost appears to be like a soup of keywords for recruiters...

Interests and Skills

Software development

Computer graphics


C++, Haskell

BODYATTACK / Group exercise instruction

Melbourne shuffle

> A footnote at the end contains a link where you can find more about the creator's work and their contributions to the community.

About This Site

> The creator seems to have taken quite some effort setting up this system, and there are a few details they want to bring to your attention. Most of them appear to be obsolete, as they reflect back on an era of centralized, location-based protocols.

This site is a personal and independent site. It is hosted on a Dogado cloud server, which runs on green energy.

There is no surveillance on this site. Minimal logging exists to keep an eye on attackers trying to break into the server. There are no cookies, trackers, or ads to follow you around, ruin your reading and drain your battery. If you want to hide your IP from the server and take your browsing experience to the next level, use the Tor Browser and a VPN.

The site is also meant to be wickedly fast, although compromises are made where appropriate. For example, CSS is kept unminimized so that you can read it.

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