We Dance Hard Tribute Website


Dear Len,

I have been trying to reach out to you on various channels and without success regarding the new We Dance Hard website.

Sometime earlier this year, I was saddened to see the domain up for sale and the site littered with ads. We Dance Hard accompanied me all throughout my university years when Melbourne shuffle was among my top hobbies, and a template page with ads did not do justice to that memory. So I went ahead and, after some back-and-forth with a greedy seller who wanted several hundred dollars for the domain, acquired it at a reasonable price.

I put up a simple, and I hope effective, page on the site. I crammed some footage from PHD Rockers into an animated gif under 1MB for the background, accompanied by a short loop from MKN / Dirty Workz. The site then serves both as a small tribute to We Dance Hard as well as a quick way to get a Hardstyle beat going for anyone who wants to rock out.

Of course, I am also happy to hand over the domain if you would like to take over. Please contact me in that case.